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The following are the terms of use of http://dw.panxsoft.com/(hereinafter referred to as the "site") (hereinafter referred to as the "terms"). The privacy policy listed separately is a part of this article and is used for interpretation or other purposes. If you do not accept these terms, please do not use the services provided by this website. By using the services provided by this website, you indicate that you have read and understood these terms in detail and agree to be bound by these terms. The website may amend these terms and conditions unilaterally by updating the website at any time without prior notice. You should visit this website regularly to see if the terms binding on you have been modified. If you violate any terms or conditions, or the website suspects that you have violated any terms or conditions, or the website believes that your behavior violates applicable laws or harms the interests of the website or its users, the website may terminate your access to the website and use of the services and take legal action without your knowledge or knowledge.

1. Legitimate use of the website
This website is a large network port composed of many web pages. The purpose of this website is to provide users with real-time news reports and a variety of information and resources. Except as otherwise stated, any new services, features and functions of the website are subject to these terms and conditions.
You may only use this website for legitimate purposes and may not use this website to infringe intellectual property rights of others in any way; Or violate the privacy of other users on the site to obtain their identity or any personal data; Or damage any part of this website. You have the responsibility to determine whether there is any infringement. You are not allowed to post any false or incorrect information, or any information that infringes or violates the rights of any third party, nor any false statement about yourself or your rights. You must abide by the policies posted on the website. You know that this website does not provide you with any assistance, including access, deletion or editing of the content posted on this website, nor does it provide you with any customer service to use this website. If you have a password to access this website, you are not allowed to share it with any third party.
You may not use this website to transmit, publish, upload, publish or circulate any illegal, harmful, threatening, harassing, infringing, slander, obscenity, slander, breach of privacy or reputation of others, breach of intellectual property rights of others, or any other offensive or offensive material or information. In addition, you are not allowed to tamper with any information or interfere with the operation of the website in any way, including but not limited to the transmission of software viruses or the transmission of any computer code or messages specifically designed to interrupt, interfere with or change the operation of the website. You may not use this website to collect information about users of this website. Without the express permission of the website, the website and any part thereof shall not be reproduced, reproduced, reproduced, sold, resold or otherwise utilized for commercial purposes.
This website respects copyright law, also insist that users respect copyright law. To reproduce, distribute, modify or present to the public without authorization a work in which copyright exists infringes upon the rights of the copyright owner. As a condition of users of this website, you must agree that you will not use this website to infringe intellectual property rights of others. The website reserves the right to terminate the use of any user found using the website to infringe copyright or intellectual property rights of others.

2. Use of website materials
The content of this website, such as text, graphics, images, music, logos, icon buttons, links, HTML coding, trademarks, software and other materials (hereinafter referred to as "materials "), as well as the collection (collection, arrangement and compilation) of all materials on this website are protected by copyright law, trademark law and other applicable laws. All information and the collection thereof shall be the exclusive property of the website or the content provider or customer of the website. Unauthorized use of any material will violate copyright law, trademark law and other applicable laws. If you copy any material, you must retain the copyright, trademark, service mark and other proprietary notices on the copy. You may only reproduce one copy of the information, and unless otherwise specified, the copy may only be used for private, non-commercial purposes. Without the prior written consent of this web site, you may not be sold to any public or commercial purposes or change information, or copy, remakes, reprint, upload, download, and published, transmit, display, publicly perform, or in any way to send data, or data stored in a retrieval system, or using the information in any other way.

3. Public disclosure of information
Before sending any information, you should check whether you have sent the information in the public area of this website (such as BBS, etc.). If you send information in a public area, you acknowledge that you do so voluntarily and that anyone may use the information. All information you voluntarily provide in the public area will not be deemed to have been collected by the website, and the website shall have no responsibility to deal with such information that may be inaccurate, misleading, obscene, illegal or defamatory provided by others in the public area of the website. You acknowledge that the website has no control over verifying the authenticity of all such information and that the website is not responsible for any request to correct or delete such information.

4. About products and services
Goods, products or services provided, introduced or referred to on this website may be provided by third parties. For such products, the website cannot and will not make any representations and warranties regarding the security of any information provided by you at the request of a third party. This website recommends that you make all necessary or appropriate investigations before conducting any online or off-line transactions with any such third parties. To the maximum extent permitted by law, this website disclaims all representations and warranties, express or implied, relating to the marketability and specific use of the goods, and any implied warranties relating to the performance and use process of the goods. In no event shall the website be liable for any loss arising from the use, unavailability, operation or unavailability of the information or goods provided, introduced or referred to on the website. The scope of such loss shall include but not be limited to: expenses paid for the acquisition of alternative goods or services, loss of profits, loss of data and data, and any direct, indirect, special, punitive, incidental, exemplary or consequential loss. The provision, introduction or mention of goods, products or services on the website is only an invitation to trade made by a third party.

5. Collection of user data
As a user, you may be required to provide your information to this website. In the use of different time on this site, you may be asked to provide personal identification information to this website, including but not limited to, name, date of birth, gender, contact information, id card number or passport number, ICQ or OICQ number, E-mail address, credit card information, bank account number, education level, occupation, family income, interests, and preferences of the activity. You agree that this information is voluntarily provided to this website. You must ensure that the information provided is accurate, accurate, valid and complete. If this is not the case or the website has reasonable grounds for doubt, the website reserves the right to reject your current or future use of the services provided by the website.
If you provide incomplete or incorrect information, this website may not allow or terminate your access to this website, or may not provide or continue to provide services to you. You understand that any and all information you provide to this website will be collected and may be used for the following purposes:
(a) collection of data for identity verification and record;
(b) to analyse and compare the data with those of others with a view to formulating plans for products or services and/or direct marketing or other means as required;
(c) to enable the website to fulfil its networking or other practical obligations in the industry;
(d) sending you information on different products and services;
(e) keeping contact information;
(f) to compile aggregate statistics on the use of the relevant websites;
(g) comparison of user data with other information provided by the user (for whatever purpose), including unrestricted action against the user (whether the comparison is made manually or automatically);
(h) from time to time transmit to users promotional and/or marketing materials or other information of any other organization selected by the website;
(I) satisfy the requirements of any applicable law, administrative system or regulation, including disclosure or notification requirements;
(j) carry out instructions from users, respond to queries made by or on their behalf and provide users with effective and efficient services.
This website for the collection, use, storage, disclosure, transfer, protection and access to information policies and practices, are in compliance with the provisions of the law, and in accordance with the provisions of this article and the privacy policy.
You acknowledge and agree that you are fully responsible for the form, content and accuracy of any information or information you place on this website. You agree that this website may make public your information for the purposes of, and for the purposes of, the following purposes, where reasonably and necessary
(a) compliance with relevant laws,
(b) to enforce or enforce the terms of any user agreement of the website,
(c) to protect the rights, property or interests of the website and its users, or
(d) compliance with the privacy policy statement.
You know that you have the right to access your information held on this website, to request correction of your information, to know the action taken against any such request, and/or to request that your information be accompanied by a statement you have sent to the company stating that you have requested correction in accordance with the privacy policy. In order to meet your requirements in this respect and the time and work involved, you agree to pay reasonable fees required by the website. In view of the nature of the Internet, this website cannot guarantee 100 percent reliability of data transmission. However, the website will take all practical measures to ensure that any information collected by the website is not subject to interference by third parties. However, please be aware that advertisers on this site or other sites with links to this site may be collecting your personal data. Upon receipt of the information, the website will maintain the information in accordance with the consistent strict security and confidentiality guidelines.
This website will retain your personal information during your use of this website. You may, from time to time, receive E-mail and direct mail from this website containing information on promotional products or services provided to this website by providing personally identifiable information to this website. If you do not wish to receive this information, please write to us or call us. For information about the privacy policy of this website, please read the following privacy policy.

6.Links to
The website contains links to other websites and web pages, but such websites and web pages are not operated or controlled by the website, and the website shall not be liable. You start any such link or webpage and leave this website to enter any other website or webpage at your own risk. This website shall not assume any liability or liability.

7. Disclaimer
The content of the site may be incorrect or there may be typographical errors. The website does not recognize all implied and/or express warranties and does not guarantee the accuracy, reliability, completeness or timeliness of the content. The website shall not be liable for any content or any thing posted on or linked to the website, including but not limited to any error, error, omission, infringement, slander, lie, or other information or omission that may be an offence or cause a claim or complaint. Use of this website and content at your own risk. This website may change from time to time or on a regular basis. Please check the information from time to time. This website provides information and services as per the "status quo" to the maximum extent permitted by law, but does not provide any kind of express or warranty. The website does not acknowledge all warranties, express or implied, including any warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose and non-infringement. This website does not guarantee the accuracy, reliability, integrity or timeliness of the information. The website shall not be liable for any errors or omissions of the contents of the website, or for any deletion, transmission errors or non-storage of any user communication or personalization device.
The website does not guarantee the following: the website at present or any time in the future without any errors, the website and its server at present or any time in the future without computer viruses or other harmful functions, any defects will be corrected, or the operation of the website is timely, safe and uninterrupted. If you need to repair or replace the equipment or data due to your use of the website, the website is not responsible for any costs arising therefrom.
Due to the use or not use this web site, or any failure, error, omission, interruption,, defects, delete or transfer delay, computer virus, communication line failure, the interception of online communication, software or hardware problems (including but not limited to loss of data or compatibility issues), theft, damage or change, Whether it is because of the use of this web site or upload to this website or downloaded from this web site or publishing data, text, images or other data or information directly or indirectly caused by the breach of contract, tort, negligence or any other cause any kind of damage or injury caused by (including but not limited to accidental damage, collateral damage, loss of profits, or loss of data or business interruption caused by damage), and whether or not this web site has been told the possibility of such damage, this website or any third party referred to in this web site within the scope of the law does not bear any responsibility.
The information contained or provided on this website is for informational purposes only and is not intended to be used for trading or investment purposes at all. The website assumes no responsibility for the accuracy, practicality or availability of any information transmitted on the website. The website is not responsible for any transactions or investment decisions made based on such information.

8. Website activities
This website will carry out various website activities from time to time. If such activities involve earning or accumulating points or other valuable things, the points determined by this website (as recorded on this website) shall be final and conclusive. In case of dispute, the decision of this website is final. The website reserves the right to modify the exact terms and conditions of the activity at any time during the activity. You agree and accept that the provision of any goods or services advertised at the time of the event shall depend on the quantity available and, if such goods are agreed by a third party, you agree and accept that such goods will be provided only with the consent of such third party.

9.Deal with advertisers
You have dealings with or commercial transactions with advertisers on the website or through the website, or participate in advertiser's promotional activities, including payment and delivery of goods or services, and any other terms, conditions, warranties or representations relating to such transactions, which are solely between you and the advertiser. You agree that the website shall not be liable for any loss or damage of any nature arising out of any such transaction or the appearance of advertisers on the website.

10. Governing law
This article is formulated in accordance with the current laws and regulations of the People's Republic of China. You agree to submit any claim to the website to the competent court in the place where the website is located.

11. Severability
Any one or more provisions of this clause in, or in any case reference to the provisions of this clause of any one or more, and if in any way for any reason be ruled as invalid, illegal or unenforceable, which terms or conditions in any other aspect of the validity, legality or enforceability, as well as the terms and conditions of the validity of the remaining provisions, the validity or enforceability, in any way are not damaged.

12. The compensation
Due to your violation of this clause or not caused by any and all claims, procedures, damages, injuries, liabilities, losses, costs and expenses (including reasonable legal fees and expenses), you agree to this website and its related companies, affiliates, officers, agents, the common brand or any other partners and employees to make compensation, defended it and make it from damage.