Clalen 1Day iris SuzyGray

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Enhance natural beauty of eyes and support healthy eyes

Sophisticated, iris-inspired designs to enhance natural looking for everyone.
Pigments do not touch the eyes by inside and outside dual coating.

Myopia Daily Disposable 30pcs/pack
Clalen 1Day iris SuzyGray


  • UV Protection

    Protect your eyes by blocking both UVA(over 76%) and UVB(over 99%)

  • High Definition Vision Design

    Improve visual acuity and contrast sensitivity even in dark condition.

  • Ultra Comfort

    Sodium Hyaluronate improves wettability for comfortness.

Sodium HyaluronateWidely used in medical care as it has excellent water-binding property. It exists in human’s vitreous humour, joint, placenta and skin.

Product Detail

MaterialMethafilcon AUV ProtectionYes
Water Content55%Power0.00~-6.00D (0.25step),
-6.50D~-10.00D (0.50step)
Diameter14.2 mmPacking30pcs/pack
Base Curve8.6 mmReplacement
Daily Disposable
Color contact lens properties
materialsMethafilcon A
The base of arc8.6
The thickness of the centerabove 0.051mm
water content 55%